Version 10.0.0 release notes

Version 10.0.0 of our CMS introduces the much-awaited feature of multilingual support, enabling you to handle content in various languages, new taxonomy view, media content types, and more.


Multilingual/i18n support

Probably the most requested feature is finally here: multilingual support. You can now define the languages and use the CMS to manage your content in multiple languages.

Multilingual content

The CMS also integrated its first third-party services to provide automatic translations for your content. In this release, we added support for DeepL and Azure AI Translator.

Info: More information can be found in the multilingual documentation.

New taxonomy view to tag/untag taxonomy to multiple pages

We added a new taxonomy view action that allows you to tag/untag taxonomy to multiple pages at once.

Tag your taxonomy

Info: More information can be found in the taxonomy documentation.

Media Content Types

We had the request where users wanted to add custom metadata to their media files. In this version, we added support for content types for media files.

Example of defining media content types
  "": [{
    "name": "default",
    "fileTypes": ["png", "jpg", "jpeg", "gif"],
    "fields": [{
        "title": "Title",
        "name": "title",
        "type": "string"
        "title": "Author",
        "name": "author",
        "type": "string"
        "title": "Alt text",
        "name": "alt",
        "type": "string"

Info: More information can be found in the media content types documentation.

Define the content filters

You can now define the content filters that should be available in the CMS.

Example of adding custom filters
  "frontMatter.content.filters": [
      "title": "My custom filter",
      "name": "field-name",

Info: More information can be found in the content filters documentation.

✨ New features

  • #731: Added the ability to map/unmap taxonomy to multiple pages at once
  • #746: Placeholder support added to to the slug field
  • #749: Ability to set your own filters on the content dashboard with the frontMatter.content.filters setting
  • #756: i18n/multilingual content support

ğŸŽ¨ Enhancements

  • #673: Added git settings to the welcome view and settings view
  • #727: Updated Japanese translations thanks to mayumihara
  • #737: Optimize the grid layout of the content and media dashboards
  • #739: New Git settings to disable and require a commit message
  • #741: Added message on the content dashboard when content is processed
  • #747: The @frontmatter/extensibility dependency now supports scripts for placeholders
  • #752: Placeholder support in default list field values
  • Support for using the fieldCollection field in a block field
  • Updated the list of commands which are available in the command palette

ğŸž Fixes

  • #721: Fix keywords regex to support unicode characters
  • #725: Fix for opening menu of pinned items
  • #730: Add debounce to the input fields
  • #738: Fix when re-opening the preview after closing it
  • #743: Fix for storing data in YAML data files
  • #745: Fix for date field values in block field type

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