Version 7.2.0 release notes

A minor release with great enhancements for your content management experience.


Improved welcome experience

The improved welcome experience comes with more known static-site generators and the option to register your content folders.

Welcome screen to configure your website

New content type actions

Making it easier for the user to create content types is what we improved as well. Now underneath the metadata panel section, you will see new actions to create, update, or set a content type when the types do not match.

Content type actions

Important: The content type creation is done based on the front matter of the current file. It might be you still have to tweak it a bit.

WYSIWYG option for the string/text field

A new property has been added to allow to define the field as a WYSIWYG editor.

WYSIWYG controls

New file field type

With the file field, you can now add/link files easily to your content.

File field

Taxonomy tags/category field design improvement

Tag design update

ğŸŽ¨ Enhancements

  • New tag design for the tags, category, and taxonomy fields
  • #263: WYSIWYG string field option
  • #308: New File field
  • #314: New preview actions to open the page in the browser and refresh the preview
  • #322: Show parent folder name when file is an index page ( /
  • #323: Added 11ty, jekyll, and docusaurus to the framework selection list
  • #325: Better welcome experience that allows you to add content folders straight from the welcome view
  • #326: Content type actions to create, update, or set according to the current file

⚡️ Optimizations

  • #316: Suppress file parsing errors when closing the dashboard

ğŸž Fixes

  • Updated JSON schema link to supported version by VS Code (draft-07)
  • Hide the view mode action from the Front Matter panel if no custom modes are defined
  • Fix in decode base64 uploaded video files
  • Fix for a lightbox on other types of documents (pdf, etc.)
  • Fix for hiding the image preview on slide-over for none image documents
  • #324: Fix for the framework selection on the welcome screen

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