Managing your Markdown pages/media has never been easier in VS Code. With the Front Matter dashboard, you will be able to view all your pages and media.

On the contents view, you can search, filter, sort your pages and much more.

Dashboard - Contents view

On the media view, you can quickly glance all the available media files in your project and perform quick actions like copying the relative path.

Dashboard - Media view

In order to start using the dashboard, you will have to let the extension know in which folder(s) it can find your pages. Be sure to follow our getting started guide.

Important: If your preview images are not loading, it might be that you need to configure the publicFolder where the extension can find them. For instance, in Hugo, this is the static folder. You can configure this by updating the frontMatter.content.publicFolder setting.


There are the following commands to open the dashboards:

Command titleCommand idDescription
Front matter: Open dashboardfrontMatter.dashboardOpens the dashboard on the contents view.
Front matter: Open media dashboardfrontMatter.dashboard.mediaOpens the dashboard on the media view.
Front matter: Open snippets dashboardfrontMatter.dashboard.snippetsOpens the dashboard on the snippets view.
Front matter: Open data dashboardfrontMatter.dashboard.dataOpens the dashboard on the data view.
Front matter: Open taxonomies dashboardfrontMatter.dashboard.taxonomyOpens the dashboard on the taxonomies view.


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