GIT Integration

If you are using git to manage your content, Front Matter can be used to sync your changes from and to your git repository.

Sync your changes with GIT

Enable GIT integration

To enable this feature, you will need to set the frontMatter.git.enabled setting to true.

Change the commit message

The commit message can be customized via the frontMatter.git.commitMessage setting (default is Synced by Front Matter).

Info: You can make use of the placeholders available in Front Matter for your commit messages. For example: Synced by Front Matter {{hour24}}:{{minute}}.

Git submodules

If you are using git submodules for managing your content, you have more control over them via the following settings:

frontMatter.git.submodule.pushWhether to push the submodule changes to the remote repository.false
frontMatter.git.submodule.pullWhether to pull the submodule changes from the remote repository.false
frontMatter.git.submodule.branchThe branch to use for the submodule.``
frontMatter.git.submodule.folderThe folder where the submodule is located.``


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